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Coaching improves any aspect of life. Coaching is not counselling, consulting, or therapy, as many people think. Coaching is future-oriented. Coaching helps clients set goals, rather than analyzing the past. Coaches do this by asking the right questions and not giving advice, setting goals, or taking action for their clients.

The Life Coach Certification has revolutionized professional coach training as a leading, global coach training organization. Finally, a truly affordable ICF accredited coach training program offering the most effective “turnkey” model of coaching guaranteed to get you to your goal of coach certification FAST!  After all, what you really want to do is coach. Invest a few short months of your time and discover why we are your best choice for coach certification. Experience our superior, easy to follow curriculum that has been delivered to thousands of successful coaches since 1992. With our specialized business-building modules anchored throughout our program, you will discover why we are considered the express route to a successful coaching career in the shortest amount of time.

Using our Success Conversion Coaching Model (SCCM), you will quickly learn and master a complete “turn-key” coaching model that will get you on your way in as little as six-months. We are confident that you too will follow in the footsteps of our hundreds of graduates and begin practising your coaching skills within a few short weeks of studying our coaching model.

The key elements that make our Success Conversion Coaching program unlike any other:
  • Co-Creative Coaching Model: The key to understanding expectations. That is to say, what is expected of you as coach and what is expected of your client.
  • Coaching Session Guide: The guide is your key to working successfully with your clients. Here you are introduced to our client-centred coaching model, complete with an outline ready for you to follow. A few short hours of preparation and you simply can’t go wrong. Continue to develop your skills and delivery from this stepping stone.

  • Enrolment Strategy: Enrolling clients into your coaching business requires some knowledge of both the “science” and the “art” behind successfully moving the individual from prospect to paying client. Our Client Enrolment Strategy is a powerful concept, unique to our program. Once learned and honed, will enable you to enrol clients into your coaching program more quickly than you ever thought possible. Take the selling out of of the equation. STOP SELLING, and begin ENROLLING CLIENTS!

  • Designation Specialty: We  offer the pathway to becoming a certified coach holding a specialty designation of your choice, based on your unique and specific coaching interests. Graduates may hold a maximum of four specialty designations.
  • Designing Your Ideal Coaching Business: Take the guessing out of success with our ASC-Business Strategies! The truth is, people don’t buy coaching, they buy solutions. With the right preparation and your own personal vision, you CAN become successful very quickly! We have carefully crafted and developed a mentoring curriculum of 24-weeks built into our program delivery, to meet each participant’s unique business preparation requirements.  Every student receives a FREE website with SSL certificate for ONE YEAR! Explore your ideas and build your website while you are in training.
  • ICF Personal Credentialing: Navigating the International Coaching Federation process to personal credentialing (ACC Level 1 or PCC Level 2) can be daunting. To achieve ICF personal credentialing, we offer a simple and inclusive pathway forward.
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Comprehensive programs leading to ICF Personal Credentialing.

Why Choose The Life Coach Certification ...


Coach training programs cost $5000–$15000.00. Coach certification costs are generally high. Coach training doesn't have to be expensive! We have priced our programs to be affordable for everyone. Easy-Pay, no interest, instalment options make your enrolment even more affordable.

Quality of Programming:

Unleash Your Potential with High-Quality Life Coach Training. ICF accredited coach training programs are rigorously evaluated and considered the "Gold Standard" of high-quality coach training. Our programming provides you with comprehensive tools and resources to unlock your true potential to guide others towards success. From effective communication strategies to goal-setting techniques, our program covers all aspects of life coaching. Join us now and become a catalyst for positive change!  With a curriculum designed by industry experts, you'll learn advanced coaching methodologies, develop exceptional listening skills, and master the art of transformative coaching. Elevate your career and establish yourself as a sought-after life coach. Enrol today and make a lasting impact.


Mix-and-match programming gives you options to better reaching your specific training goals. A modular structure also provides you to design the pathway that best suits your vision for the future. From our Foundation Certified LIFE Coach program you may choose to add on the Executive Coach Program with the goal to work with corporations. Alternatively, you may choose to add on the DEI or Emotional Intelligence Coach - 101 program. Your personal goal may or may not include ICF Personal Credentialing. We can assist you in assembling the course outline that best suits your desired outcome.

Specialty Designations:Our Foundational Certified LIFE Coach Program provides every student with the opportunity to choose a specialty niche designation that best represents the type of coaching he/she intends to focus on. The advantage that this option provides our graduates cannot be over stated. Other programs will provide you with the designation of "Certified Life Coach", however, this designation does nothing to promote your work if you choose to specialize in relationships or wellness. Certified Relationship Coach or Certified Wellness Coach sets the coach up with a title that demands the attention of the ideal client. We provide a list of 50 possible designations, however, graduates are not limited to these. Designations must not be misleading or misrepresent the coaches learning.  Graduates may choose to hold a maximum of four specialty designations.

Career Strategy:

A common misconception most new (and not so new) coaches have: "All I need to know is how to coach." WRONG! The reality is that people don't buy coaching, they buy solutions - that's it - full stop. Learn what it takes to start your coaching business from the ground up. This 26-week program walks you through every aspect of building your brand to defining your audience, designing your outreach and marketing and ultimately, your business. We include all the resources, worksheets and necessary to be a successful life coach and stand out from your competitors.

Holding ICF Accreditation since 2008.