Your Taster Course / The Life Coach Certification

Are you thinking about becoming a coach? Take a test drive and be sure that coaching is your calling, before you take a deeper drive.

In recent years, there has been a noticeable surge in the number of individuals aspiring to become life coaches. The profession has gained widespread recognition and attracted people from diverse backgrounds. But what exactly is driving this phenomenon? Why are so many individuals drawn to a career in life coaching?

Humans have an innate need to contribute and make a positive impact. Does this describe you? Life coaching provides an avenue for individuals to positively influence the lives of others. By helping clients navigate challenges, set and achieve goals, and enhance their well-being, life coaches can witness firsthand the transformative power that coaching brings. The gratification derived from witnessing personal growth and transformation is unparalleled.

Life coaching is a versatile profession that can be tailored to suit your individual preferences, skills and interests. Life coaches can specialize in areas such as career coaching, relationship coaching, wellness coaching, or executive coaching. They can work with clients one-on-one, conduct group workshops, or even reach a wider audience through online platforms. This versatility allows life coaches to choose their niche and make a positive impact in their chosen domain. In terms of the work, it may appear that each of these areas require much different training, however, be basis of the work is ultimately the same, while the "specialty" of the work simply requires research into the needs, wants and expectations of the niche the coach decides to focus on.

This short 4-module course allows you to dip your toe into the waters of coaching
before you dive in! Take this opportunity to explore coach training and
determine if coaching is the right pathway for you.

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We can't provide an entire in-depth course, however, we can give you a taste of training so that in just 4-hours, you will know if you would like to pursue further training to become an internationally certified coach. This four-module short program is delivered over email and offers some valuable gifts upon completion. When you complete this course you will receive:

1) A document of completion

2) $400.00 USD off our Certified LIFE Coach Foundational Program

3) The 4-hour Taster Course training is ICF accredited and should you decide you join us in training, these four-hours will be added to your total accredited hours completed.

Take the test-drive and be sure that coaching is your calling,
before you dive in.

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What you will learn:

  • Introduction to Coaching
  • The Purpose of Coaching
  • The Power of Anti-Change Messages
  • No Limits Messages
  • Definition of Coaching (What coaching is and is NOT)
  • The Coaching Relationship (The heart of the work)
  • The Relationship Approach
  • The Coaching Toolbox
  • Coaching Philosophy and Design
  • Effective Communication (Verbal and Non-Verbal)
  • Expanding Your Awareness