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J. Loaiza / Lima, Perú

"At 36 years old, I have participated in this program to become a life coach through Life Coach Certification. Coaching was selected as the way among many other options and I’m sure I’ll be successful at this too. The program brought lots of changes to my life as a result of what I have learned. At the beginning I was not sure if this would be the right decision to reach my new life goal, because of the distance and language. I am now a graduate and professional coach. Finally, I would like to be grateful to Dr. Brons and his team for their confidence in my talents and I promise that you will hear good news about my coaching work here in Lima. Thanks."

P. Arnold / Esquipulas, Guatemala

"I am so excited to begin my future in the field of coaching! I truly loved this course. Not only has the life coach certification program given me to skills to coach – it has also provided me with a clear understanding on how to grow my coaching practice."

R. Owens / Osgood, North Dakota, USA

"The student coach mentoring sessions and the feedback from those are the heart of the program. Coaching live is where the learning is for me. It builds my confidence and believability."

T. Gallow / Guangzhou, China

"How do you begin to express what it means to have your life changed? I came into the program believing that I would be learning new skills that I would practice and hone to change the lives of others, only to find that my life was changed dramatically along the way. I am excited about my new career and I had signed up clients even before I graduated. I am truly thankful for your training."

L. Perry / South Africa

"I am truly happy that I have trained with Life Coach Certification Group. Your step-by-step model made the process of learning so easy. Six-month has passed by so quickly, but I can honestly say that I am well on my way to living the life of my dreams while assisting others. Thank you, most sincerely for your support."

B. Nunez / Swansea, Wales

"The Life Coach Certification program provided me with the tools to take my coaching business to a new level. The training I had with them was top notch and in my top ten best professional development experiences. If you are looking for a professional and comprehensive learning opportunity I encourage you to work with The Life Coach Certification Group for an experience beyond compare."

J. Campbell / Angel Fire, New Mexico

"Thank you so much, Life Coach Certification team for a wonderful and enchanting venture into coaching and self-growth. The teleclasses were truly a joy and the lessons were purely powerful. I look forward to putting all that I have learned into my coaching practice. Your support and encouragement was awesome!"

J. Clements / Vancouver, Canada

"I want to express my deep gratitude for you and the Life Coach Certification staff. I am really impressed by the materials and the support to build my coaching skills and grow a profitable and sustainable coaching practice. I just want to give you a great big thank you for all your support and the excellent materials. I have personally grown over the last 24 weeks or so. I feel confident in my abilities to coach. My conversion rate to new clients is at about 60% and growing! Thank you!"

C. Horkin / Emery, Utah, USA

"I’ve loved every minute of my homework. I truly looked forward to working on the lessons each day–so much so that I am continuing to review the materials and believe I will do so for some time. I’m glad I happened upon the Life Coach Certification Academy program!"

S. Lynn / Carmel-by-the-Sea, California, USA

"This has been the single greatest training that I have received in my 15 year professional career. Prior to completing it, I had done pretty well using my ability to solve problems quickly and create action in myself and others, but this course has taught me that my impact to the organization can be magnified many times by coaching others to do the same. Drawing solutions out versus giving them breeds problem solvers and more work can be done with the same resources over time. It’s powerful, powerful stuff. As a result of this training, I’m a better listener and I’m more focused on the development of the organization’s human resources rather than just their performance. It’s exactly what I needed to round out my skill set. "

N. Thomas / Betim, Brazil

"Thank you! Your expertise, leadership and passion make learning an engaging experience. I feel so positive and clear about developing my own career coaching practice, it’s exciting. Not only does this program offer a wealth of knowledge and effective teaching style, you are approachable and confident, who better to learn from. I look forward to future training with you, please keep me in touch with further coach classes. I love your style and perspective!"

B. Blackman / Goulburn, Australia

"If you want to affirm and clarify your life purpose this is a wonderful class to take. The program provides a safe and nurturing space to explore and share newfound insights with other participants and she gives excellent guidance throughout the course. I especially enjoyed doing the exercises, for that showed me where I already am on track and where I need to make adjustments in order to be on purpose. Listening to the experiences of others also was very inspiring. I highly recommend this program!"

D. Turner / Portland, USA

"I was introduced to the program through a friend. I had done my homework and shopped around. After picking up the phone and speaking with the people at Life Coach Certification I was very happy with how I was treated and how well they answered my questions. I am so happy to have taken this program. It is incredible! If you want to begin a program that will help you to build the skills you need while bringing together all of the aspects of beginning your own business, here is where you should be. I very highly recommend this program!"

T. Chanté / Paris, France

"I learned how to mentally prepare myself for coaching conversations… I am a better coach when I do this, more connected to clients, serve them better. The class also helped me start asking more powerful questions and reminded me to validate the client during the coaching sessions.. this was critical to my co-creative relationships."

K. Dondona / Jakarta, Indonesia

"As a consultant, achieving this “coaching state-of-mind” has gone against my natural instincts as I’ve been programmed to give advice. This program has allowed for me to become a much better listener and focus on what my client is truly expressing instead of how I would like to respond. I’m now .. able to identify the real issues of a client at a deeper level. ..the program has enabled me to assist in resolving clients issues and capture new business much more efficiently, ultimately creating greater revenue for my firm."

E. Manykoy / Mercerville, USA

"I used to try and solve problems for my employees. Now I use coaching skills to help them figure out what they need to do and they are doing the work. I no longer feel overtaxed trying to solve everyone’s problems and the people I work with are better for it. The people I coach are stronger and more capable. The Life Coach Certification Academy gave me a template and structure for having productive conversations so that obstacles and challenges can be identified more quickly. We get more work done in less time and feel energized."

M. Kirkish / Houston, USA

"My take away from the Certified LIFE Coach Program is that now I have the mechanics involved in being a coach. I understand the power of words more than I ever did. This course also allowed me to truly learn more about who I am; i.e. my strengths and weaknesses. I BELIEVE I can do this. I am so excited about my new career. Thank you, Life Coach Certification Academy. You are an awesome instructor."

G. Brenner / Philadelphia, USA

"My desire to receive proper life coach training and certification came from the same place of integrity that inspired my weight loss of 253 pounds. I looked into other coaching programs, but The Life Coach Certification admissions staff, faculty, content and methods are first-class, and so relevant. There was no competition."

F. Crawford / Stuttgart, Germany

The curriculum is well established to meet the ICF credentials and the resource, networking and on-going support when called upon are also above expectation."

I. Erasmus / La Paz, South America

"By the time the course was complete I already had 17 paying clients. What a boost to my confidence!"

A. Huget / Osborn, USA

"I set a goal of ‘selling 30 hours of pure coaching in the first year after this program. I did it in a month.” ….Another unexpected benefit the coaching program provided me was to enhance my skills as a professional … it has greatly elevated the relationship on all matters both technical and advisory."

S. Dorsey / Johannesburg, South Africa

"What an awesome experience both professionally & personally going through The Life Coach Certification program. Our Facilitator was just great! I highly recommend the The Life Coach Certification."

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