ICF Level 2 Programs consist of a minimum of 126 accredited training hours. To receive full Level 2 students must complete our foundation and Executive Coach programs and the Personal Credentialing Mentor Package leading to ICF PCC Credential.

Certified Executive Coach.

Certified Executive Coach

Program Duration: 24-Weeks

Class Schedule: Twice Weekly / Approximately 90-minutes

ICF Accredited Training Hours: 126-hours

Delivery Model: LIVE instructor led Zoom Class / Self-Directed

Language: English

Prerequisites: None

FULL COST: $2,644.00 USD

Option 1: Easy Pay of 6-monthly instalments of $440.66 USD

Option 2: One payment of $2,203.34.00 USD (Save 1-Payment)

ICF Level 2 Programs

The Certified Executive Coach program is a dual-certification program culminating in two designations (choice of Certified LIFE Coach designation and receiving the Certified Executive Coach designation).

Programs taken simultaneously.

This program begins with our foundational 24-week Certified LIFE Coach program. At approximately 12-weeks in students begin the series of 8 weekly lessons focusing on Executive Coaching.  An executive coach assesses their client's personal and professional objectives, strengths and weaknesses, and relationships and designs a unique service package to meet their needs. This typically comprises goal-setting and developing a plan to achieve them. Our Executive Coach program includes a fantastic Harvard Business Review Case Study. This is an ideal program for coaches who wish to work with Executives, Managers, Corporate and Business Leaders.