Certified Executive Coach | Course Description | 126-Hours, ICF Accredited Level 1

Our Success Conversion Coaching, Certified Executive Coach (Dual-certification).

An exceptional opportunity for individuals seeking to enhance their skills and specialize in executive coaching in the shortest amount of time possible. Designed for individuals who wish to coach managers, executives, and corporate leaders, the goal of this program is to cultivate a deep understanding of how the coaching process works as well as some of the challenges that come up in a variety of coaching conversations.

The Certified Executive Coach program culminates in a dual-certification. Based on the ICF’s core coaching competencies, this program carries a total of 126-hours of ICF accredited training hours. Students choosing this pathway will study both the Certified LIFE Coach foundational training and Certified Executive Coach program simultaneously, allowing for graduation in as few as six short months.

Executive coaching helps leaders assess their business's collective and individual strengths and weaknesses. This allows them to challenge themselves and their employees to improve and better support the organization's weak points. By the end of our Executive Coach Training Program, you will have gained the expertise, confidence, and credentials necessary to embark on a successful career as an executive coach. 

Graduates of the SCC Certified Executive Coach Program are fulfilling many of the requirements to move through the ICF PCC Personal Credentialing (Level 2). You may choose to include the PCC Mentoring Program as an add-on to this program upon purchase.

Certified Executive Coach Overview:

Program Duration: 24-Weeks inclusive.

Class Schedule: Once-a-week class at start / Twice-a-Week, class at 16-weeks

ICF Accredited Training Hours: 126-hours

Qualifies For: May qualify for ICF ACC Level 1 or PCC Level 2

Delivery Model: LIVE, instructor led, Zoom Classes/Self-directed

Language: English

Prerequisites: None in this complete course combination.

FULL COST: $3,144.00 USD

Option 1: Easy Pay of 9-monthly instalments of ONLY $349.33 USD

Option 2: One instalment of $2,829.60 USD (Save 10%)

Additional 10-hours mentoring over a 3-month period - ($1,100.00 USD)

May be completed simultaneously in addition to CEC training.

Total Package (CEC and PCC Personal Credentialing Package): $4,244.00 USD

Option 1: Easy Pay of 9 monthly instalments of $471.55 USD

Option 2: One Instalment of $3,819.60 USD (Save 10%)

Add on ICF PCC Personal Credentialing Package:


Students begin foundational training with the Certified LIFE Coach program (24-weeks total training, attending one 90-minute class each week). On week sixteen of training Certified Executive Coach program is introduced (8-weeks total training, adding a second 90-minute class each week for the remainder of training). Graduates of the Certified Executive Coach training program will graduate holding two designations.

All models introduced through the Certified Executive Coach program have similar elements in discovering the client’s perspective and reality, setting goals or objectives, offering differing points of views or options, and then choosing the best course of action to move ahead toward a desired state. Learn the tools and skills needed to share your leadership and management expertise. Help others achieve superior personal and professional performance as you gain executive coaching certification.

Explore models and frameworks specifically tailored for working with executives, addressing topics such as leadership development, emotional intelligence, strategic thinking, decision-making, and managing change. Deepen your understanding of organizational dynamics, business strategies, and industry trends. Acquire the knowledge necessary to comprehend the unique challenges faced by executives and provide valuable insights and guidance in navigating the corporate landscape.

Explore the ethical guidelines and professional standards that govern the coaching industry. Learn to maintain confidentiality, establish clear boundaries, and handle ethical dilemmas with integrity and professionalism. We include fantastic Harvard Business Review Case Study.

Who is the Executive Coaching Program for and what is covered?

The Executive Coach Program is an ideal fit for coaches who aim to work with Executives, Managers, and Corporate and Business Leaders. Here are just some of the areas explored over the eight sessions:

  • The type of work;Defining terms;
    Characteristics of executive coaching;
  • Principles of executive coaching;
  • Encouraging executives self and organizational strengths;
  • What to consider in a potential executive coach;
  • Remuneration & volume of work;
  • Organizational context of executive coaching;
  • Creating the coaching environment;
  • Barrier or risk response;
  • Executive coaching process;
  • Problem solving;
  • 360 degree feedback;
  • Confidentiality;
  • Boundaries and the coaching agreement;
  • Creating accountability;
  • Where executive coaching applies and where it does not;
  • Performance coaching;
  • Working with difficult people;
  • Enhancing managers skills;
  • Process of preparation;
  • What success looks like;
  • Closure and sign off.

Our Success Conversion Executive Coaching Model (SCCM) provides you with:

  • Full 24-Week Certified LIFE Coach Foundational Training;
  • A model of effective coach/client relationship;
  • Strengthening your leadership capacity, clarity and confidence so you’re better equipped to navigate difficult situations and competing priorities;
  • You will learn the ICF Core Competencies;
  • Discover effective and efficient ways of delivering results;
  • Executive coaching session outline guide (you’ll know exactly what to say and you’ll learn quickly!);
  • 8 weekly LIVE interactive Zoom calls that include break-out sessions with partners;
  • Assessments for use with your clients;
  • Complete business-building strategies to enhance your entrepreneurial spirit;
  • Full compliment of forms.

Choose to add-on ICF Personal Credentialling - Level 1 / ACC or Level 2 / PCC

The PCC Personal Credential stands for "Professional Certified Coach." It’s a certificate offered by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), which is the global standard for accreditation of coach certification and training programs. Obtaining a ACC or PCC personal credential indicates that as a coach you have met stringent education and experience requirements. Credentialed coaches demonstrate a thorough understanding of core coaching competencies and follow the ethics and guidelines of the ICF.

ICF Personal Credentialling is an elective, not mandatory, as coaching is not regulated by the ICF.

To meet the ICF/ACC requirements, students must complete the following:

  • A minimum 60 training hours through an ICF accredited coach training provider; (The Level 1 / ACC pathway)
  • Completion of the Personal Credentialing Pathway (10-hours of additional mentor coaching delivered over 3-months,with an ICF credentialed mentor)
  • 100 coaching hours completed and logged for ACC
  • 500 coaching hours completed and logged for PCC
  • A passing score on the coaching performance evaluation
  • A passing score on the ICF credentialing exam, proctored by the ICF (cost: $300.00 - $500.00 USD)
  • Any culmination of Level 2 programs (125 accredited training hours or above), provides students to gain the PCC requirements

As our ICF Mentor Coaching Program is very limited in the number of seats per class, it is costly when a participant registers and then chooses to drop out of the class. It also disrupts the momentum and team spirit of the class. Therefore, before you register for this program, it is important that you are 100% committed to completing your ICF Mentor Program. This means that you have cleared your schedule to make time for the classes. Furthermore, you understand that, should you drop out of your current cohort – for any reason whether in your control or not – you understand that there are no refunds and that you will pay the full program fee again to join a new class at a future date.

Mentor Program Leading to ICF Personal Credentialing (ACC/PCC)

The Certified Executive Coaching program is offered as a stand-alone option for returning graduates and individuals who currently hold a minimum of 60-hours of training through an ICF accredited training program. Please inquire by calling one of our on-boarding  specialists. 


Returning students interested in CEC certification, please contact us.