Financial Assistance / The Life Coach Certification

Student financial assistance is available through The Life Coach Certification™ in the form of scholarships.

Scholarships are considered a ‘gift’ toward reducing the total cost of tuition due and is a non-repayable award that is allocated on the basis of financial need. A bursary may be awarded to any qualifying adult to reduce the total cost of tuition paid for the program. The number of bursary seats in our programs are pre-defined and limited in number. Only as current bursary students graduate from our programs do these seats become available once again.

The bursary program has no outside finding. A percentage of every tuition is applied  towards providing scholarships to members of underrepresented communities and individuals who have a need for financial assistance.

To receive information on student financial assistance that may be available to you, make your request clicking the link below to submitting the for.

* Due to volume, we do not accept phone calls regarding scholarship/financial assistance. Should you be interested in seeking financial assistance, please follow the directions of the application.

* We respect your privacy. To ensure that you have not been signed up by another individual, you will receive an email confirming that you ordered this information. Be sure to confirm your subscription or you will NOT receive our emails containing scholarship information.