Transition to ICF Level 1 - Your best next step!

Embrace the Future of Coaching with ICF Level 1 or Level 2 Accreditation!

If you are a graduate of the Success Conversion Coaching 60-hour ICF accredited program, I have some important and relevant news to share that relates to your coaching certification.

With your ICF ACSTH credentials, you have laid a commendable groundwork in the coaching field. As the industry evolves, so do the benchmarks of excellence. We are at a pivotal moment where ICF Level 1 and Level 2 accreditations have become the new standard of quality and recognition in coaching.

While ACSTH achievements have been instrumental in your journey, the landscape of professional coaching is advancing. Embracing Level 1 and Level 2 accreditations signifies not only keeping pace with current industry standards but also positioning yourself at the forefront and current standard of coaching excellence.

To ensure that all coaches who have graduated through the Success Conversion Coaching Program and currently hold ACSTH training hours (Approved Coach Specific Training Hours), Dr. Brons has developed an ICF accredited bridging program which is crafted to easily guide you through the transition to current Level 1 standards.

Our BRIDGE program is designed to ensure this transition is as seamless and enriching as possible. Your current 60 ACSTH hours will be upgraded to 87 ICF Level 1 Accredited Hours by reconnecting what you have already learnt to the current updated 8 coaching competencies and thus, pave the way to the esteemed ICF ACC/PCC Credential.

This progression represents an exciting opportunity for you to update your qualifications to ICF current standards, enrich your professional toolkit, and align with the contemporary expectations of the coaching community.

Step forward into this new era of coaching with confidence and ambition. Partner with us in elevating your certification to meet and exceed the modern standards of the coaching profession. Your resume deserves to indicate that you have obtained the current ICF standards.

Find out how to update your ACSTH to ICF Level 1 Hours.

Dr. Randin Brons, PhD, CMH, MSLC

Creator of Success Conversion Coaching

Transition To Level 1

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