Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach - 101  | Course Description | 6-hour ICF Accredited Level 1

Emotional intelligence (EI) training, also known as emotional intelligence development or EQ training, is a process aimed at enhancing an individual's ability to recognize, understand, manage, and effectively use emotions in various personal and social situations. It involves a series of exercises, activities, and techniques designed to improve one's emotional intelligence skills. Working with a coach holding EI certification can lead to improved communication, better relationships, enhanced leadership abilities, and increased overall well-being. Organizations often invest in EI training for their employees to create a more emotionally intelligent and effective workforce. Individuals can also undertake EI training on their own to develop their emotional intelligence skills for personal growth and success.

This program is self-directed and is considered to contain the necessary information for the life coach to adequately integrate Emotional Intelligence Quotient 101 competencies into coaching conversations. You are reminded that the life coach is not called to do deep emotional work unless specifically trained and certified to do so. The coach may, however, point out the connections noticed in areas where the client would benefit from strengthening certain emotional intelligences and work on specific goals to strengthen these areas.

Delivered via our learning portal, the Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach program hosts 6 - ICF accredited training hours and concentrates on coaching E.I. foundations. Coaches who decide to move into this realm of coaching must ensure that they adequately understand the information related to coaching E.I.Q. 101 and ONLY accept clients who understand that this type of coaching will be partially a learning adventure rather than an exclusive journey to a specific goal.

How you will benefit from this program:

  • Self-awareness: Recognizing and understanding your own emotions, including their causes and effects. This involves being in touch with your feelings and being able to accurately label them;
  • Self-regulation: Managing and controlling your emotional reactions, especially in high-stress or emotionally charged situations. This includes impulse control, adaptability, and the ability to remain calm under pressure;
  • Social awareness: Recognizing and understanding the emotions of others. This involves empathy, active listening, and the ability to pick up on non-verbal cues like body language and facial expressions;
  • Relationship management: Using emotional awareness to navigate social interactions effectively. This includes skills such as communication, conflict resolution, and building positive relationships;
  • Assessment: Participants may begin by taking an emotional intelligence assessment or test to identify their current strengths and areas for improvement;
  • Education: Participants learn about the concept of emotional intelligence, its importance in personal and professional life, and the specific components that make up EI;
  • Self-awareness: Individuals become more aware of their own emotions, triggers, and patterns of reaction;
  • Self-regulation: Participants learn strategies to manage and control their emotional responses.

Program Benifits:

  • ICF approved 6-Hour training;
  • Learn from anywhere;
  • Ideal for all coaches, HR, health professionals, executives;
  • Prepared by our certified working coaches;
  • Upon completion of the program you will receive a 75-page Success Conversion Coaching Emotional Intelligence Master Class document to further your study. Loaded with additional techniques, methods and research.
Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach
6-hour ICF Accreditation Level 1

Program Duration: 6-hours

Class Schedule: On Demand.

ICF Accredited Training Hours: 6-hours

Delivery Model: Self-Directed via the our learning portal.

Language: English

Prerequisites: Certified LIFE Coach or Certified Executive Coach

FULL COST: $150.00 USD

Option 1: One Instalment of $150.00 USD

Available to alumni and students currently enrolled in our Certified LIFE Coach and Certified Executive Programs.

Emotional intelligence training is invaluable to the coaching discussions. It can lead to improved communication, better relationships, enhanced leadership abilities, and increased overall well-being. The life coach can effectively use EI in coaching sessions to support their clients in various ways. Emotional intelligence plays a crucial role in coaching because it helps the coach understand and connect with their clients on a deeper level, facilitate self-awareness and growth, and provide a supportive and empathetic environment.

In essence, a life coach who holds a foundation in emotional intelligence not only provides support but also helps clients navigate their emotions and develop the self-awareness and skills needed to lead a more fulfilling life. EI enhances the coaching process by creating a deeper connection between coach and client and by addressing the emotional aspects of personal growth and development.