Certified Coach Practitioner - Enrolment

Below you will find the the four options for sign-up to the Certified Coach Practitioner Program.

We offer this program for private training and cohort/group training. Warning! As this is a popular program there may be a waitlist. You may choose to review the program details once again before your purchase.

OPTION 1: Certified Coach Practitioner | Cohort

Full regular price of Program: $799.00 USD

One Time Payment of $799.00 USD

OPTION 2: Certified Coach Practitioner | Private Training

Full regular price of program: $1,199.00 USD

One Time Payment of $1,199.00 USD

Upon successful payment you should be led to our Pre-Registration Page. This enables our team to know how to contact you. In the unlikely event that you are not led to the Pre-Registration page, please email us at registrar@thelifecoachcertification.org.

Review your choices of enrollment below!

| 12-Hour, ICF Accredited Level 1