Master SPIRIT LIFE Coach | Course Description

Master SPIRIT LIFE CoachThe Master SPIRIT LIFE Coach program lessons are an elective 42-hour Coach Specific Training add-on to our Certified LIFE Coach Certification program.

Accreditation: The Master SPIRIT LIFE Coach additional training is accredited through them Certified Coaches Alliance for thirty-hours.

Recommended for individuals with a interest in the human connection to Spirit through Metaphysical Law or the “laws of Spiritual nature.” This program is an eight-week accelerated self-directed program.

As a student of the Master SPIRIT LIFE Coach program, you will undertake your learning experience with 33 additional lessons specific to ‘the human connection with Spirit’ through fundamental “metaphysical principles and practices” using the SIX PILLARS of SPIRITUAL Self-Enquiry to pin-point client issues and/or concerns. Accredited through the CCA, Students are given 2-months to complete and submit the Master SPIRIT LIFE Coach lessons.

How you will benefit from the Master SPIRIT LIFE Coach Lessons:

  • Develop a deeper understanding of your connection with “Spirit” through the Metaphysical;
  • Discover the drivers that pull your client forward;
  • Learn to use the SIX PILLARS of SPIRITUAL Self-Enquiry to pin-point client issues and/or concerns;
  • Understand the difference between what the client says that they want and what he/she really wants;
  • Enhanced exercises to remove spiritual blocks, release outdated beliefs and restore spiritual health;
  • Explore the powers of visualization and affirmations;
  • Operate under the ‘spiritual laws of attraction;’

Program Delivery and Completion:

The Master SPIRIT LIFE Coach lessons are provided for home-study. This is an accelerated program; students are evaluated through mandatory written and there is no final examination. The course time-line is two-months to completion.

What is included in your course?

Your course includes everything you need to complete your Certification. The question is … are you ready?

Are there any costs to International Certification?

Our graduate’s International Coach Certification is awarded through the Certified Coaches Alliance (CCA). In existence since 2004, the CCA is well respected internationally for their professional standards and profile. A coach’s alignment to a body that provides a cohesive “Code of Standards and Ethics” is imperative to the success of any coach within today’s marketplace.

No longer are prospects and potential employers asking only if a coach has been certified, they are also inquiring if a coach is aligned with an organization that upholds a professional “Code of Standards and Ethics.” For most organizations who would hire a coach, this is mandated. The cost of affiliation upon graduation is $54.00 USD each 2-years. Students who complete the Success Conversion Coaching program prior to completing the Master SPIRIT LIFE Coach program will hold this second certification at no additional certification cost.