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Now you can own 9 of the hottest coaching products available to coaches today!

Here’s what you receive in this amazing package!
Have these products working for you. These products are prepared to be used by Coaching industry professionals who want effective and profitable tools in their arsenal when working one-on-one with clients or developing their community ties and client-base.
Here is just a few ideas how these incredible products can be used:

  • As e-courses;
  • Used in conjunction with your workshops and seminars;
  • Follow-ups to your coaching sessions;
  • As articles for your newsletters;
  • Use however they will best advance your coaching work!

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The Power Coaching Products are provided in Word Document format and are completely customizable! Easily re-brand these products with your own logo and business information.

Each of these profit building materials have been purchased as stand-alone products for $29.00 to $49.00 each. However, now as a complete set we will pass these outstanding Coaching products on to you at an unheard of savings of only $97.00 for the entire set!


The bottom line is this … you won’t find more profitable Coaching products anywhere to boost your income or professional standing.

Sold separately these products retail for over $400.00 USD! PCProducts-White-Bkgnd PAY ONLY $147.00 USD for these incredible tools!

Available by ‘instant download’ immediately after purchase.

Completely customizable ‘Word Document’ that lets you design your own manual to meet the specific needs of your business.

Here’s what you get in this package:

Product 1:

Unstoppable Confidence –

Regular price of Unstoppable Confidence if sold separately: $49.95

Designed to get your prospects and clients that self-confidence that they are so desperately seeking. Each of these 6 modules include a number of exercises and assignments that will teach you all you need to know in order to build your confidence. “Unstoppable Confidence” will enable you to smash through those barriers and limited beliefs that you have about yourself and move forward with your life.

Part 1: Just how confident are you? Take the assessment!
Part 2: Believing in yourself – What do you need to believe in yourself?
Part 3: How to overcome your negative thoughts.
Part 4: How to overcome negative comments from others.
Part 5: How to feel confident all of the time!
Part 6: Your confidence plan – How to lead a great, confident life.

Product 2:

How To Get What You Want –

Regular price of How to Get What You Want In Life if sold separately: $49.95

A six-part e-course or ebook that is designed to provide your clients with the direction, purpose and drive that they are looking for. We include a number of exercises and assignments that will walk your client through the process of first working out what he or she wants from life and then, how to go about getting it!

Part 1: Discover what your life is really about.
Part 2: The goal setting workshop – mapping out just what YOU want!
Part 3: Fire the gun! – How to take action.
Part 4: Become a world-class hurdler! Overcome the obstacle.
Part 5: How to stay on track with your goals – How to keep motivated.
Part 6: Creating the life that you truly deserve.

Product 3:

How To Manage Your Lost Career –

Regular price of How To Manage Your Lost Career if sold separately: $49.95

This is to be given as an online course that is designed to enable your clients to take a look at where they are now and where you want to be with their career. Maybe you are not happy with what you are currently doing? Maybe you want something else but don’t know what that “Something Else” actually is? This course includes a number of exercises and assignments that will enable you to answer all of your client’s questions and teach him or her to rediscover the lost career!

Course content:

– Produce your career and life goals.
– Know what direction you need to move in.
– Know what is important to you in a career and what is not.
– Produce a winning CV that sells you as a person.
– Answer any interview question that is thrown at you.
– Overcome any interview nerves.
– Communicate your strengths without bragging.
– Understand what interviewers are looking for in a potential candidate.
– Prepare and plan beforehand to ensure a successful interview.
– Negotiate for a better pay deal.
– Negotiate for better terms and conditions.

Product 4:

Effective Communication Skills –

Regular price of Effective Communication Skills if sold separately: $49.95

Effective Communication Skills” is a 6 part e-course or ebook that is designed to improve the communication skills of your client by enabling him or her to express themselves more clearly and to speak with confidence and assurance. Each of the 6 modules includes a number of exercises and assignments that will teach you all you need to know so that you can communicate more effectively with all of the people who you come in contact with.

Part 1: Understanding the communications process.
Part 2: How to understand someone else’s view of the world.
Part 3: How to communicate with different types of people.
Part 4: What do you need to do to be an outstanding communicator?
Part 5: How to make small talk with people you have never met before!
Part 6: Giving and receiving feedback.

Product 5:

Get Motivated –

Regular price of Get Motivated if sold separately: $49.95

A 6 part e-course or ebook that is designed to get your clients motivated about their life and to stop them from putting things off all of the time. Within this course you will now be able to get juiced up about all that you do so that you have got the get up and go and energy to be a winner. Motivation gives you that inner drive to accomplish what you want so take the first step today and never look back!

Part 1: How to get juiced up about life.
Part 2: Finding something to get you up early!
Part 3: Stop procrastinating and putting things off.
Part 4: Taking control of your life.
Part 5: What do you want to be in life?
Part 6: Staying motivated!

Product 6:

The New You –

Regular price of The New You if sold separately: $49.95

A 6 part e-course or ebook that is designed to give your clients a makeover on the inside and the outside! You’ve seen those makeover programs on the television right? Well, this is something similar! We look at what is important to you in life, the person you would like to be, what you want to be known for, your values, beliefs and image. After completing the course there will be no stopping you – watch out everyone!

Part 1: Are you happy with yourself?
Part 2: What and who do you want to be in life.
Part 3: Your image and what it says about you!
Part 4: Taking control of your life & remove the clutter!
Part 5: Being confident with the new you.
Part 6: The new you – the WOW factor!

Product 7:

Life Evaluator Assessment –

Regular price of Life Evaluator: $49.95

We call it the success evaluator! This is an ebook you utilize with a client during the coaching session or give away to your prospects and clients for them to complete on their own. Within this course, they will go through the top 8 areas in their life and answer particular questions on each area to see which areas need the most work on. It’s an invaluable introductory tool to give a client who has just signed up with you as it will enhance your professional standing.

Product 8:

Special Report –

Regular price of this FREE Special Report if sold separately: $29.95

This is an insightful report that you can give away to your prospects who ask for further information on what life coaching is and how it works. Just imagine, you have had a call from a prospect or someone emails you about what it is and how it all works, you then send them a free report and it does the selling for you! You can also have it on your website as a lead generation tool. Either way, you can’t lose by giving away this material as a free report. This method of advertising and promotion only serves to add to your professional credibility.


20 Newsletters –

Regular price of the 20 Newsletter Templates: $29.95

We all know and appreciate the value of writing a newsletter but they take a great deal of time and effort to create each and every month! Well, you can now have access to 20 great newsletters that are ready to use as your own to give you a jump start in the newsletter forum with your own clients and prospects. Use them as they are or, edit them – do what you like with them! Just imagine all of the time you will save! Using these to get your newsletter creation of to a good start will give you plenty of time to plan and create your future offerings. Yours FREE as Gift with Purchase!

Yes! I want to take advantage of this amazing offer and order the entire collection of Power Coaching Products at the incredibly low price of $147.00 USD. I understand that I will receive instant access to all my products and my FREE gift immediately after I make my purchase.

Sold separately these products retail for over $400.00 USD! *This product is received via automatic download upon completing your purchase. No refunds permitted.

PCProducts-White-Bkgnd PAY ONLY $147.00 USD for this incredible tool!
Available by ‘instant download’ immediately after purchase.

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