Alumni Reviews

“I really enjoyed myself during all these months while learning the skills of coaching. Each lesson was clear and easy to follow and now I have everything covered. What was of particular enjoyment to me was becoming certified as a Master SPIRIT LIFE Coach. These lessons were really a “trip” into the realm of spirituality. When we come to the point of thinking that we already know everything, here comes a wonderful program to give us enlightenment and open our minds to new discoveries. Thank you again, especially for all the kindness I received from Dr. Brons and his team” – E. Guerriero, Freiburg, Germany

“After spending a great deal of time and effort doing research on the various coach certification programs that are available today, I decided on Life Coach Certification. Not only did the Administrative Team take the time to answer all of my questions about the program and coaching as a career choice, I found that their client care (both before and after becoming a student), was absolutely phenomenal. The staff showed genuine interest that the program was appropriate for my learning and delivery needs. I found the entire experience from beginning to certification more than what I could have ever expected. Thank you, Life Coach Certification team!” – B. Hanstead, Washington, D.C.

“At 56 years old, I have participated in the distance learning program to become a Life Coach through Life Coach Certification. Coaching was selected as the way among many other options and I’m sure I’ll be successful at this too. The program brought lots of changes to my life as a result of what I have learned. At the beginning I was not sure if this would be the right decision to reach my new life goal, because of the distance and language. I am now a graduate and professional coach. Finally, I would like to be grateful to Dr. Brons and his team for their confidence in my talents and I promise that you will hear good news about my coaching work in South America. Thanks.” – J. Loaiza, Cusco, Perú, South America

“I am so excited to begin my future in the field of coaching! I truly loved this course. Not only has the Life Coach Certification program given me to skills to coach – it has also provided me with a clear understanding on how to grow my coaching practice.” – P. Arnold, Chinautla, Guatemala

“I’ve loved every minute of my homework. I truly looked forward to working on the lessons each day–so much so that I am continuing to review the materials and believe I will do so for some time. I’m glad I happened upon your program!” – Lynn S., Fort Collins, USA

“How do you begin to express what it means to have your life changed? I came into the program believing that I would be learning new skills that I would practice and hone to change the lives of others, only to find that my life was changed dramatically along the way. I am excited about my new career and I had signed up clients even before I graduated. I am truly thankful for your training” – T. Gallow, Liaoning, China

“I am truly happy that I have trained with Life Coach Certification. Your step-by-step model made the process of learning so easy. Six-month has passed by so quickly, but I can honestly say that I am well on my way to living the life of my dreams while assisting others. Thank you, most sincerely for your support” – L. Perry, Cape Town, South Africa

“Thank you so much, Life Coach Certification team for a wonderful and enchanting venture into coaching and self-growth. The teleclasses were truly a joy and the lessons were purely powerful. I look forward to putting all that I have learned into my coaching practice. Your support and encouragement was awesome!” – B. Nunez, St. Davids, Wales

“Life Coach Certification is well worth the money and time. I am so happy to add Life Coaching to my practice and my clients are already seeing the benefits. Excellent! All the way around.” – J. Campbell , Alburquerque, New Mexico

“I want to express my deep gratitude for you and the Life Coach Certification staff. I am really impressed by the materials and the support to build my coaching skills and grow a profitable and sustainable coaching practice. I just want to give you a great big thank you for all your support and the excellent materials. I have personally grown over the last 22 weeks or so. I feel confident in my abilities to coach. My conversion rate to new clients is at about 60% and growing! Thank you!” – W. McDonnell, Guelph, Ontario CANADA

“I was introduced to the program through a friend. I had done my homework and shopped around. After picking up the phone and speaking with the people at Life Coach Certification I was very happy with how I was treated and how well they answered my questions. I am so happy to have taken this program. It is incredible! If you want to begin a program that will help you to build the skills you need while bringing together all of the aspects of beginning your own business, here is where you should be. I very highly recommend this program.” – J. Clements, Portland, USA