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There are well over 100 schools of coach training with North America. Few of these schools have been approved by the International Coach Federation (ICF). The ICF is the leading worldwide organizing body that sets the standards, core competencies and ethics for coaches and schools of training alike.

Many schools of coach training have actually been rejected by the ICF accreditation board multiple times. It is important that the school of training you’re considering is ICF approved and/or accredited, and do not accept any excuses as to why they have not been accepted by the ICF.

While all approved and accredited programs offer training, not all programs offer training of equal quality. In fact, programs can and do, vary greatly in quality and inclusion of information and services provided. Becoming a masterful coach doesn’t matter if you don’t have the knowledge of what it actually takes to become a successful coach and to enrol clients into your coaching program. No coach training is complete unless it provides you with a complete system for developing your business – from generating the type of income that you desire to effectively supporting your clients to reaching their goals and objectives.

A Complete Certification Program. Graduate with Paying Clients!

You have discovered a different school of coach training. Express Coaching™ will train you to become a coach and take you all the way to mastering your coaching conversations by providing you with the tools to learn more quickly than you ever thought possible. You can add coaching skills to your current resume or become a professional life coach by walking step-by-step through our course manuals.

Our training leads you to International life coach certification by providing you with the exacting tools necessary for your current and future success. You will not spend countless hours learning coaching methods that you won’t use. You will build your personal approach to coaching on our successful proven model that you will easily adapt to your own personal style of delivery. The Express Coaching™ program provides specific tools for mastery:

  • Success Conversion Coaching – Coaching Model: The key to understanding what is expected of you as coach and what is expected of your client.
  • Success Conversion Coaching – Coaching Session Guide: The key to working successfully with your clients while performing the coaching conversation. Here you are introduced to our client-centered coaching model complete with an outline ready for you to follow. A few short hours of preparation and you simply can’t go wrong. The best life coaches are successful because they ask exactly the right questions, in exactly the correct order, week after week, session after session. Everything that you need to say or ask is laid out for you.
  • Success Conversion Coaching – Client Enrollment Strategy: Enrolling clients into your coaching system requires some knowledge of both the “art” and the “science” of the selling process. Our Client Enrollment Strategy is a powerful concept and tool that once learned and honed, will enable you to enrol clients into your coaching practice more quickly than you ever thought possible.
  • Weekly Interactive Teleconference Calls: Each week you’ll attend a interactive teleconference call with an experienced coach/trainer and fellow students. Here you’ll have the opportunity to do break-out sessions in small groups and one-on-one to add to your learning experience.
  • Peer Coaching: Through student-partnership you become both peer coach and peer client, quickly learning to use all of your developing coaching skills.
  • Observed-Coaching: As a student, you receive a minimum of 6 observed-coaching discussions with an experienced coach.
  • Specialty Niche Training: Our superior course curriculum also includes specialized training in three of the top current coaching niches of our time. We’ll provide you with all of the working knowledge necessary to effectively coach your clients on the following topics: Coaching Emotional Intelligence, Coaching through Career Transitions and Coaching to Wellness. This training is your private arsenal to leaving our program with your certification in-hand and to coach a broad client-base in three popular coaching niches. This is additional invaluable training at no addition cost to you.
  • Business Development Focus – Graduate with Paying Clients: Training on how to get clients is knowledge and marketing from a realistic perspective that most schools of coach training don’t take the time to educate you on. You must be armed with the right information to identify, foster and develop a clear, precise vision for a unique coaching platform the likelihood of opening, operating and sustaining your business over time is very low. Through our “Become the Expert” training you are walked through all of the specific strategies and tips to identifying an ideal, highly lucrative client-base and build a market presence as a coaching industry leader. These are the same proven trade secrets and techniques used by well established coaches worldwide. Bottom line – you can recession-proof your career and have a lot of fun coaching in a productive manner.
  • Benefits of an ICF Accredited or Approved Program: When you undertake an ICF accredited or approved program you know that you are embarking on a path of learning that offers a globally recognized framework for those wanting to pursue coaching as a professional, financially viable and rewarding career.

Convenient Teleclasses

We offer convenient morning and evening teleclasses that fit into anyone’s most demanding schedule. Please contact Dr. Brons our Chief Learning Officer for current seating availability at (888) 202-2422 or email him at clo@coachinstructors.com.