Founded by coaches, for coaches, our founders were among the initial pioneers of the coaching profession. Since 1992 The Life Coach Certification Group has trained thousands of coaches worldwide. Our team is comprised of coaches with active fruitful practices, authors and leaders. Each possess an enormous passion for the success and growth coaching bring our students. Together our team works at a distance to assist our students in evolving their skills and abilities to reimagine the rest of their lives as a life coach.

Randin Brons, PhD, CMH, CMSL Author,
Motivator and Trainer/Founder, CEO/Chief Learning Officer,
The Life Coach Certification Group,
Vancouver, British Columbia CANADA

Steve H. Kiges, Master Coach,
Motivator/Mentor and Trainer,
Coquitlam, British Columbia, CANADA

Brian J. Radomski, Master Executive Coach,
Speaker, Mentor/Motivator and Trainer
Bangkok, Thailand

Lori Brant, Certified LIFE Coach
Mentor/Motivator and Trainer Barrie
Ontario, CANADA

Celeste Perez, Certified LIFE Coach
Motivator and Trainer
Lakeland Florida, United States

Tran Tien Cong, Certified LIFE Coach
Mentor/Motivator and Trainer
Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam